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A regional transportation company with multiple hubs and a nationwide delivery system had reached their credit limit with the previous factor. A quick call to Power Funding resulted in this company being able to keep growing its operations with a $2,000,000 line of credit.

Manufacturing offshore pipeline valves is a complex job requiring sophisticated equipment and highly trained employees. Coupled with the sometimes slow pay of big oil companies, the cash flow of the business was limiting service and growth. Power Funding inspected the facility, talked to the owners and was able to establish a $750,000 line of credit for this company.

Providing after-school programs for Houston ISD is a rewarding endeavor for this former NFL player. However, cash flow is an issue. After consultation with Power Funding, a $250,000 line of credit has eased his concerns.

Power Funding was approached by a company who does "turnaround" work at the Port of Houston. While being turned down by several banks, Power Funding took the time to listen and understand the process. As a result, Power Funding was able to offer a $500,000 credit limit for factoring.

A staffing company in Dallas had lost their line of credit and was referred to Power Funding. Time was of the essence and funding needed to happen within two days. Power was able to perform and offer a $350,000 line of credit. The customer moved over without a problem and was able to make payroll.

Power Funding received a frantic call from a rig hauler in East Texas. They had just been awarded several large contracts to move oil/gas rigs. Their current factor did not have the capability to serve their needs. Power Funding was able to pay off the small factor and provide the resources necessary to fulfill these contracts.

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