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Corporate Development

Power Funding’s Corporate Development offers a wide range of solutions to provide working capital, back-office services, and strategic partnering to other factoring companies

Participate with business owners:

The Power Funding LTD owners have many years of factoring experience. Participations allow companies to effectively manage risk and develop their portfolios while utilizing the seasoned experience of the Power Funding Team. New companies who we share the factoring arena with, can feel better taking on a lower level of risk and improve longevity. Participations are on a deal-by-deal basis. Let’s talk, even if just to discuss an opportunity. 

We support change – Many factors strategically change direction, need liquidity or simply want to take their money out of a portfolio. Power Funding always has the desire to acquire a portion of a portfolio or an entire portfolio. Our expertise will ensure a smooth transition for existing clients, and allows you the owner the benefit of continued income.

Corporate Acquisition:

Power Funding LTD. seeks acquisitions of small- to medium-sized factoring firms in transition. We are interested in acquiring whole companies and/or a part of one. Continued income is available to the business shareholders/owners.

Give us a call, as we are business owners just like you, and conversation is always welcome.

Please direct inquiries to:

Dominique F Villarreal
Power Funding LTD