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Invoice Factoring pays you same-day cash for your accounts receivables. If you need immediate funding to finance your Miami, Florida business, contact Power Funding today!

Invoice Factoring For Your Miami, Florida Businesses

Miami, Florida is the second fastest-growing city in America, according to a 2019 census. Entrepreneurs are starting new business ventures in Miami almost every day. Some of these businesses succeed. Others fail. The number one factor determining the fate of these companies is not the product they sell, the services they offer, or the personnel they employ. It's the funding they do or do not have access to.

Power Funding is one of the top Invoice Factoring companies serving Miami, Florida businesses by providing same-day cash payments for their outstanding receivables.

Get paid up to 98% of your total invoices when you choose to factor your invoices through Power Funding.

How it Works

Rather than incurring debt and putting your personal property up for collateral by taking our a business loan from the bank, Invoice Factoring in Miami, Florida provides you with a high cash advance for a low factoring fee.

Power Funding will purchase your accounts receivables and deposit the cash into your bank account directly within 24 hours. We understand what it takes for a business to not only survive but thrive. That's why we want to provide you with the funds you need ASAP so that you can pay your workers, cover your overhead, and manage your unexpected daily expenses.

We have no monthly minimum requirements and a monthly maximum of $10 million in receivables, making our services flexible for companies of all sizes.

Power Funding isn't just a cash-on-demand company. We also handle your billing logistics, including collections, payment processing, and more. Our team will partner with yours to operate as your credit arm, making the job of your accounts receivable department as easy as possible.

If you haven't established a long credit history or if yours has had some rough patches, please don't hesitate to contact us. While most banks require pristine credit, Power Funding is willing to work with almost any Miami business to provide you with the funds you need to stay afloat throughout every season. Invoice Factoring is for startups, small businesses, mid-sized companies, and large corporations who need cash now to run their organization.

Stop waiting on slow-paying clients and get paid immediately with Invoice Factoring. The application process is quick and easy, approval takes 2-5 days, and your boost in revenue can start as early as this week.

Here are some of the many industries in Miami we are proud to serve with Invoice Factoring:

Construction Companies & General Contractors

As the second fastest-growing city in America, Miami's general contractors and construction companies have nearly an endless amount of work to do. However, if clients do not pay promptly, builders, HVAC contractors, roofers, electricians, and other contractors may not have the finances to pay their workers, purchase the supplies needed for new jobs, and cover their day to day expenses. That's why Power Funding offers same-day cash for your company's outstanding invoices through Factoring.

Healthcare Organizations

Healthcare services are essential to making sure Miami residents are safe and healthy. If your healthcare facility is waiting for patients to make payments before you feel confident to pay your healthcare workers, Power Funding can help.

Sell your receivables to us for 24-hour payments. We'll handle your debt collections, payment processing, and other logistics so you can focus on saving lives.

Janitorial Businesses (Jan/San)

Businesses and residential areas depend on custodial companies to provide professional cleaning services at least weekly, often daily. In order to deliver on those expectations, Jan/San businesses need ongoing funding to pay their cleaning crew each week, purchase the supplies they need, and more.

The challenge these companies face is that they are often left waiting for slow-paying customers so that they can afford to run payroll and cover other basic needs. With Factoring, you don't have to worry about receiving payment from your clients. Power Funding will not only pay you for your invoices but will also handle collections and processing.

Managing the billing logistics is especially helpful for smaller cleaning operations in Miami that often do not have an accounts receivable department. Power Funding can handle nearly all of your billing needs so you can focus on running your business.

Oil & Gas Companies

Oilfield services rely on Invoice Factoring from Power Funding for the many benefits we offer. From same-day payments to collections and processing to the easy application process, we are proud to support Miami's oil and gas industry.

Staffing Agencies

As a fast-growing city, Miami, Florida brings in new skilled workers and professionals every day who are seeking well-paying jobs in the city. Staffing companies in the area provide an essential service by helping these individuals find the career opportunities they are looking for.

Power Funding partners with these temp agencies to provide them with immediate financing for their receivables so they can pay their temporary employees every Friday.

Startups & Small Businesses

New Startups are populating Miami continuously. Unfortunately, just as many are closing their doors due to a lack of consistent revenue. Power Funding has the answer. Apply for Invoice Factoring today and start getting paid for your receivables as early as this week.

Trucking & Transportation Companies

I-95 is swarming with over-the-road (OTR) truckers, auto haulers, dump trucks, and many more transportation services. Whether you lead a small to mid-sized fleet or a large trucking company, Power Funding has a financing solution for you. Our factoring services offer a no monthly minimum invoice requirement and a maximum of $10 million, allowing us to serve fleets of all sizes.

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