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Does your small to mid-sized business in Mississippi face the challenge each month of not having the finances you need to run your daily operations? It doesn’t have to be that way. Power Funding is a factoring company serving businesses throughout Mississippi by providing Invoice Factoring at a very low rate.

We take pride in delivering some of the highest payouts in the industry. Your company could qualify for a monthly cash advance of up to 98% of your total invoices. This provides you with immediate payments for your accounts receivable, rather than waiting on slow-paying clients to send payment.

How It Works

Invoice Factoring gives your business the cash flow it needs to cover your daily expenses, weekly payroll, monthly bills, and any other unanticipated costs that come up whenever you need it. From company expansion for your business to fleet expansion for your transportation company, Power Funding can give you the cash you need today.

The best part is, Invoice Factoring is not debt financing. Instead, it is an advance payment for your accounts receivables. In other words, Power Funding pays you for services or goods you’ve already delivered and billed for. So no debt is incurred, and no interest is owed. We simply charge a tiny percentage of your total billables for our services. You get the rest.

Our cash advances are high, up to 98%, and you’ll receive the remainder as soon your clients have paid in full.

Additionally, Power Funding does more than Accounts Receiving Financing. We also function as your company’s credit arm. We’ll handle collections, payment processing, and other logistics having to do with your accounts receivables.

How Will Factoring Help My Mississippi Business?

Whether you run an over the road trucking business, manufacturing plant, or a staffing agency, Power Funding can provide you with the finances you need to grow your business and run your day-to-day operations. From payroll expenses to daily fueling needs to purchasing new inventory, Invoice Factoring can help you do it all.

Our clients benefit from our services in many ways:

  • 24-hour invoice payments
  • Up to 98% cash advances
  • Easy approval process
  • Debt-free financing
  • Funding available for startups
  • Highly competitive rates
  • And much more!

Why Factoring Is Better Than A Bank Loan

While bank loans may be a good option for a one-time, large scale project, they are often of little help when it comes to ongoing funding to cover general overhead. If you are tired of waiting on slow-paying clients to pay their bills so that you can run your business or if you can’t afford to fill new orders until previous clients pay, Invoice Factoring may be the most beneficial financing option for you.

Industries We Factor

We serve businesses from every industry throughout Mississippi, including:

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Invoice Factoring will benefit your business, help your company grow, and give you peace of mind in running your organization. Contact Power Funding today to learn more about how we can serve you and provide you with the financing solutions you need.

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