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Factoring for Dallas, TX

Need ongoing financing to fund your growing business? Invoice Factoring is the solution your Dallas, TX company needs. Power Funding will purchase your receivables for cash today.

Dallas, TX is one of the fastest-growing cities in America according to a 2019 census. Always expanding, the city is exploding with opportunities for businesses. One of the primary factors that determine whether the many new companies populating the DFW area will thrive, merely survive, or shut down entirely is their access to sufficient funding.

It doesn’t matter if you have a foolproof business plan, qualified personnel, and a product or service in high demand. If you don’t have continuous revenue coming in, you’re in trouble. That’s why Power Funding is proud to partner with companies throughout the Dallas metropolitan area to provide them with ongoing financing through Invoice Factoring.

How it Works

Invoice Factoring is not debt financing, so our factoring services do not increase your debt or come with a compounded interest rate. Instead, Invoice Factoring, also called Accounts Receivable Financing, is a business solution where Power Funding buys your invoices at a discount for instant cash. We pay you up to 98% of your invoice total and take over collections and payment processing for those invoices so that you don’t have to.

We offer a low bar application process that takes just a few minutes to complete. Unlike the several-week or month waiting period that comes with applying for a bank loan, our underwriting department will approve your application within 2-5 business days. Once approved, you can submit your receivables immediately, and we’ll deposit your cash advance directly into your bank account within 24 hours. That’s what makes Factoring the best financing solution for your business.

Is Invoice Factoring Right For Your Dallas Company?

Invoice Factoring, also called Accounts Receivable Financing, is perfect for any of the following business circumstances:

  • Waiting on slow-paying customers causes worry that you won’t be able to cover daily expenses or weekly payroll.
  • You’re a startup or small business that cannot qualify for a bank loan.
  • You can’t restock inventory until your previous customers remit payment for the goods you sold to them.
  • You need ongoing access to cash but don’t want to incur debt.
  • You have a limited or rocky credit history.
  • You bill your clients at Net 30, 45, or 60, but need invoices to be paid ASAP.

If any of these circumstances describe you, Power Funding is here to help.

Below are just a few of the many industries in Dallas that benefit the most from Invoice Factoring:

Construction Companies & General Contractors

The hustle and bustle of Dallas, TX makes it the ideal location for general contractors and construction companies. Power Funding will make sure you have the cash you need within 24 hours by factoring your accounts receivable.

Healthcare Organizations

If you lead a healthcare organization in the DFW area, you probably invoice your patients a minimum of 30 days out. Because many of your patients are likely on a payment plan, you may not see full payment for months or even years. Invoice Factoring can pay you for your invoices today and then take over collections and processing so that you don’t have to worry about slow-paying patients.

Janitorial Businesses (Jan/San)

Most Jan/San businesses in Dallas invoice their clients at Net 30 but pay their employees every Friday. This can lead to financial stress. If you need to get paid quickly for your accounts receivables, call Power Funding and give Factoring a try. We’ll deposit your payment today.

Oil & Gas Companies

Does your Dallas based oil and gas company need easy, ongoing access to cash without accumulating debt? Power Funding has the answer. Invoice Factoring helps guarantee you get paid whether the economy is doing well or not by purchasing your outstanding invoices for same-day cash.

Staffing Agencies

Temporary staffing companies in Dallas, TX help the metroplex thrive by connecting business professionals with successful companies daily. That’s why Power Funding is proud to support them. We’ll give your staffing agency up to 98% of your outstanding accounts receivables today so that you can continue paying your temporary staff each week worry-free.

Startups & Small Businesses

Dallas Banks will rarely finance a new company that has been in business for less than two years. They first want to make sure the company has staying power. Unfortunately, that leaves a two -year gap where new businesses are forced to try to make it on their own. With Factoring, you can get paid for your invoices within 24-hours so that you have immediate cash at your disposal.

Trucking & Transportation Companies

If you’ve driven down I-35 during any part of the day, you know the trucking and transportation industry in Dallas is booming. Let Power Funding pay you same-day cash for your invoices so you can access the money you need to fuel your trucks, pay your employees, and run your transportation business.

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