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Is your Houston company in need of reliable, ongoing finances to cover your general overhead and pay your employees on time without stress? Power Funding does Invoice Factoring in Houston, TX, which guarantees your company to receive the cash it needs within 24 hours. We will purchase your receivables at a discounted rate and provide you with up to 98% of your monthly invoice total.

If you don’t have the creditworthiness, qualifications, or patience to apply and qualify for a bank loan, Houston Invoice Financing may be the perfect solution for your business. Power Funding will buy your monthly invoices and pay you immediate cash so that you can keep your business running without any hiccups. We’ll handle collections, payment processing, and billing logistics all for one small, flat-rate factor fee.

The application process takes minutes, approval takes days, and your first payday takes 24 hours to deposit into your bank account. It really is that easy!

Here are some of the industries in Houston that benefit the most from Invoice Factoring:

Construction Companies & General Contractors

Houston is continually undergoing construction. From residential areas to downtown skyscrapers, Houston is an ever-expanding city. If you lead a construction company in the area, whether you’re a general contractor, landscaper, HVAC contractor, roofer, or the like, your company will benefit from Power Funding’s same-day payments and large cash advances.

Healthcare Organizations

Healthcare organizations in Houston bill their patients at least 30 days out, often more. Your company may not receive full payment for your services for years if some of your patients are on a budget-friendly payment plan. The most reliable way for healthcare organizations—especially small, mid-sized, and locally owned companies—to access the funds they need immediately without waiting for slow-paying patients is by utilizing Invoice Factoring.

Pay your healthcare workers on-time, cover your general overhead, and continue providing exceptional care to your patients worry-free by selling your invoices to Power Funding.

Janitorial Businesses (Jan/San)

Janitorial and sanitation companies throughout Houston depend on the affordable Invoice Factoring services that Power Funding provides. Most Jan/San businesses pay their employees weekly but bill their residential and commercial clients monthly at Net 30 terms.

Cleaning companies use Invoice Factoring to get paid for outstanding invoices within 24 hours to pay their employees every Friday, purchase the supplies they need, and continue growing their business. Many of these businesses in Houston, especially small to mid-sized cleaning companies, also do not have the means or personnel to operate an accounts receivable department. These companies benefit from Power Funding’s logistic services, including bill collection and payment processing. When you sell your invoices to us, we function as your billing department at no additional cost.

Oil & Gas Companies

Houston is one of America’s leading cities for every aspect of the oil and gas industry, including production, drilling, transmission, and more. As a Texas Factoring Company serving many clients in the Houston area, we understand the need oil and gas companies have for accessing the finances they need for employee wages, fueling trucks, purchasing and repairing equipment, and covering general overhead. That’s why we offer some of the highest advances in the factoring industry.

Receiving up to 98% of outstanding invoices and getting paid the same day as requested are some of the primary reasons oil and gas companies in Houston rely on our Invoice Factoring services.

Staffing Agencies

Staffing Agencies provide an essential service to both professionals seeking employment and businesses seeking quality personnel in Houston. By connecting companies with skilled workers, staffing companies help the Houston area grow and flourish.

However, most staffing companies pay the new employee directly for up to 90 days while the company evaluates their contribution to the business. During that period, the temp agency will pay the employee every Friday while billing their client monthly at Net 30 terms or longer. This creates an ongoing financial challenge for the Houston staffing company. They need readily accessible funds so that they can pay their many temporary employees. Power Funding can provide immediate financial support by directly purchasing your staffing company’s invoices for cash and collecting and processing payments from your clients.

Startups & Small Businesses

New businesses pop up across Houston almost daily. Unfortunately, just as many shut down due to a lack of funding. Many of these companies have a rock-solid business plan, qualified personnel, and offer a fantastic product or service. Yet they shut down because they do not have access to the financing they need.

Most banks will not even consider lending to a startup until they’ve been in business for at least two years and show promising prospects of continued growth. But what are companies to do during those first two years to keep afloat?

At Power Funding, we offer an integrated financial solution that gets businesses of all stages and sizes through rough seasons. We pay up to 98% in exchange for your monthly invoices.

Rather than waiting for clients to pay you before you can fill new customer orders, submit your receivables to Power Funding, and we’ll purchase them and put cash in your hands the same day.

Our services have helped many Houston companies not only stay in business, but thrive! We are confident that we’ll do the same for yours.

Trucking & Transportation Companies

Whether you lead a freight broker, courier, auto hauler, dump truck service company, or any other transportation business in Houston, you need access to sufficient finances to run your business well. Trucking companies are responsible for covering daily and weekly expenses such as fuel, payroll, vehicle maintenance, insurance, and more.

However, most trucking companies bill their clients at Net 30, 45, or even 60, leaving a wide gap between their cash on hand and their receivables. That’s why Power Funding pays our clients for their outstanding invoices immediately. You no longer need to wait for slow-paying customers to remit payment. Power Funding has you covered with no monthly minimums and $10 million maximums per month.

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